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Credit Consolidation Services

Faced with bill collectors, harassing phone calls, or collection letters? Perhaps you should seek credit consolidation programs that include debt management or credit counseling. Indeed, many Americans across the country have sought out such programs. These can be great options, even better than risking loans or debt settlement services. Those can be tremendously bad ideas. Let's see why.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Loans, at the first, may seem like a good solution. Unfortunately, they are not. In fact, they are just the opposite. Loans tend to amplify your problems. Debt is often the result of extravagant spending habits. Too many Americans spend more than they earn, which can lead to borrowing money to subsidize an unaffordable Great American lifestyle. These debt consolidation loans to pay down your other debts may have high interest rates, hidden fees, balloon payments and other traps that just provide a quick fix but create worse problems down the road.

Debt Settlement

Likewise, debt settlement companies should be well researched before joining. For-profit debt settlement companies purport to help by paying your debts to your creditors with an account into which you make regular payments. The debtor generally stops making credit card debt payments upon the advice of the company. Once it reaches a certain amount, the debt settlement company seeks to negotiate payment with the creditor. The company makes money from this settlement as a flat fee or a percentage. There exist several problems with this. Your credit score could be severely damaged because the debtor has stopped paying on ALL debts and allowing negative payment history to accrue. Also, the debtor may not have a say in the negotiation process and the company may be paying too little too slowly which is essentially making more money for them and for the creditor (if interest is also accruing). Even if your debts eventually have been settled, the debtor's credit history might be in tatters. This is literally going from a bad situation to a worst one.

So what is The Answer?

What thousands of Americans have come to realize is that to get from out under of the heavey burden of debt, consumers need savings and a plan. Credit card consolidation, credit counseling, or debt management are better ideas in order to have any hope of financial freedom.

Fill out the form above and a certified credit card debt counselor can help you to find the right program to suit your financial situation. Whether you decide to meet in person or by telephone, in a professional and confidential setting, the counselors review your credit situation, seek out various options, and work to help you in a process that you control.

Importantly, the counselors develop a personal and household plan that fits for you and your family's financial outlook. This means crafting a very sobering and realistic plan to reach your financial goals. The credit counselor wants to help you with a reasonable, comprehensive, and, importantly, an affordable monthly repayment plan. The objective is to work to improve your credit score in the long run as a key to financial freedom. There will be no illusion of a quick fix presented. Americans can appreciate being treated in a respectful and professional way that gives them improved planning and budgeting skills.

Compassion and wisdom are two of the keys to successful debt counseling. Many times American consumers have circumstances beyond their control that can lead to out of control spending habits. Sudden medical problems, car accidents, a death in the family, changes in employment, new members to the households, relocations can be just a few of the reasons why someone might take on more debt. An understanding counselor would be able to refer to other resources like job banks, mortgage counseling, insurance, investment strategies that seek to go over and beyond what loan officers and debt settlement companies can do.